Brewing Basics 101 | Equipment

Getting started is easy and we look forward to helping you through the process. Our kits are design to make 5 gallons worth of beer. Unlike other kits that are 1 gallon and 3 gallon, we feel that when you are making beer, it’s not only worth it to have 5 gallons, but it allows for a better opportunity to have a great finished beer. These are great gift items or options to get you started without spending a ton of money. We can’t wait for you to join the fun!

Basic Homebrew Kit

Our homebrew starter kit makes it easy to get started with. Unlike others, our includes upgrades like Star San, anm Adhesive thermometer, a dial thermometer, spoon and THREE reusable grain bags. This is a great value kit that help get you started.

Deluxe Homebrew Starter Kit

The Deluxe kit also contains some upgrades that aren’t found in the basic starter kit, including 6-gallon Fermonster carboy and 5-gallon stainless steel brewing kettle. This is an amazing value. The whole list of equipment includes: